Caution: These Ingredients Are Making Your Teeth Yellowish!

As there are foods that help to whiten your teeth, there are foods that encourage the yellowness of teeth and their decay. Such foods should be discarded if you want to keep your smile bright.


Sugar is a big enemy for dental health, especially in large quantities which are found in sweets and hard candy. Such foods are especially harmful. Besides sugar and its bad influence it can come fortress damage of the tooth enamel or you breaking a tooth.


Although ice is favorite addition in all summer drinks, often consumption may increase the sensitivity of the teeth, leading to rapid failure. Instead of retaining it in the mouth, wait for it to first melt in the glass.


Alcoholic drinks are drying the oral cavity. They also can cause many oral infections and diseases.


Citrus are very healthy, but excessive consumption of citrus fruits may damage tooth enamel. In order to avoid this, you need to immediately drink a glass of water after consumption of these fruits.

5.Beverages containing caffeine

When caffeine is mention, we immediately think of coffee. Drinking coffee is not harmful to dental health, but inevitably leaves yellow pigments.

6.Carbonated beverages

The favorite Coca Cola is very rich in sugars. If you drink this beverage in large quantities bacteria that feed on sugar can develop in the mouth. An acid that will make your teeth more brittle will be created in your mouth.

7.Dry fruits

Dried fruit acts on the teeth as if it was candy. Given that dry fruits possess an abundance of sugar, the residues linger on the teeth longer compared to other foods.


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