Carrot Juice – An 8-Month Cancer Cure?


Ann Cameron successfully treated stage four cancer using only carrot juice, without chemotherapy and without any other dietary changes. She was initially diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. After undergoing surgery, her health condition only got worse and the cancer spread to her lungs. Now the cancer was stage four.

Doctors recommended chemotherapy to prolong her life, but instead she refused and started searching for alternatives. She found some information about how some people had managed to successfully treat cancer using only carrot juice. So she started herself on an experimental treatment of drinking 2 liters of carrot juice every day. Ann didn’t change anything else in her diet. After two months, Ann’s tumors had stopped growing and her lymph nodes were getting smaller.

Her next medical appointment was conducted 3 months later and showed that she had no new tumors or swollen lymph nodes, and that they were continuing to reduce in size.

Her last check-up was performed another 3 months later and this time she was found to be tumor-free and her lymph nodes were back to normal. After just 8-months of carrot juice therapy, the cancer was completely gone. She has since told her experience to anyone who will listen in hopes of helping people who are going through the same struggle.

Note: You should always discuss your cancer treatment options with your physician.


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