Cabbage – Alternative Medicine

Cabbage - Alternative Medicine

Cabbage is extremely rich in vitamins, especially A and C. Helps in the treatment of duodenal and stomach ulcers, is excellent in the fight against colon cancer and for faster healing of wounds.

Also, cabbage is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, copper and phosphorus.

Cabbage juice is very healing and it is best to drink it immediately. Cabbage juice helps in digestion difficulties, diarrhea, colitis and inflammatory bowel because it is rich in cellulose.

Cabbage leaves are an effective cure for sciatica. Wash the cabbage leaves very carefully and put them onto the painful place. After you did that, but a bandage over the cabbage leaf. Change the cabbage leaf three times a day.

The leaves of the cabbage help against burns, wounds, ulcers and migraine.


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