Burn Calories With Cucumber


Cucumbers are consisted of 95% of water and that is what makes them ideal for body hydration. They are also rich in vitamin C which keeps the skin healthy and shinny.

Cucumbers are the perfect vegetable when you are on a diet because they are rich source of fiber and we all know that fiber give the feeling of satiety.

Eat cucumber if you want to reduce body fats and lose some weight because this vegetable is low in calories. By consuming small amount of calories your body will start burning fat and you will reduce your weight pretty fast. Cucumber is also very good digestion stimulant.

With the following diet, enough physical activity and healthy life you might be able to lose lot of weight (if you want to, of course).

Here is the diet

Breakfast:  1 bowl of cucumbers, 1 cup of tea and toast with jam.

Lunch: 1 egg or chicken breast with bread, 1 bowl of cucumbers.

Dinner: Just cucumber salad.


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