Breaking: Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bra Immediately. Must See The Reasons

One of the first thing women actually do after their morning routines is the act of putting bra. Its goal is to keep the breasts in place generally, and it is perfect made solution for women who have large breasts.

Some researches and proven facts declare that actually wearing a bra is not that much a positive thing. It has more negative side effects than the good it actually does.

National No Bra day is on October 13th. Do you know what its purposes are? Well in order to promote awareness for breast cancer, the scientist all around the world warned the woman about the risk that actually wearing it makes.

One professor and science researcher by name, Jean Dennis Rouilion provided a research about the negative and the positive side effects of bra at the University of Franche- Comte. The research lasted 15 years for surprise and 330 women participated. They all have been wearing a bra from an early age and they were all aged between 18 and 35 years. We think that the bra actually is supporting the chest, prevents the sagging and reduce the back pain but the results were not quite as we thought. While the study lasted some women actually stopped wearing bra because of the quite opposite effects of the expected. Wearing a bra made their breasts even saggier and at the end of the study they had a 7 millimeters lift in their nipples.

“Bras indeed interrupt the circulation of blood and usually the women who do not wear a bra have better elasticity because of the increase of collagen” – says Professor Jean.

Women wear bra because they think they will distract people and look improperly dressed but, in fact that is quite a better option for improvement of the condition their breasts are in. 


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