Body Shape Indicated How Healthy You Are!

Did you know that the range of hands, leg length, and other characteristics of the body can be related to certain diseases?

Short people are long lived, while those with shorter legs should pay more attention when it comes to condition of their liver.

Bra size

A recent study that was conducted in the Canadian Medical Association showed that women in their 20s wearing bras with size D are 1 ½ times more likely to suffer from diabetes type 2, compared to those who have smaller breasts.

It have been explained that the adipose tissue of the breast is hormone sensitive, and affects the appearance of insulin resistance. Diabetes can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, balanced diet and physical activity.

Leg length

British experts advise that people who have shorter legs should be more aware of the condition of their liver. They found that women whose legs are long from 50 to 73 cm on average have greater value in liver enzymes that indicate to a certain disease of this organ. This condition can be prevented with reduced intake of alcohol and other toxins.

Finger length

Women whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger are two times more prone to developing osteoarthritis in adult life. The same relation to the length of the fingers can often be found in men, and in women it reveals lower levels of estrogen which slows down the appearance of bone diseases.

In order to prevent it, people with such features should regularly exercise and enter the recommended doses of calcium in their organism.


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