Blueberry Juice

1Jul-4-Blueberry-recipeBlueberries are named after their dark purple color and are mainly grown in North America. These berries began to be grown in Europe since the plant was brought from the United States and Canada, in the 1930’s. Blueberries can be wild “low bush” and cultivated or “high bush”. U.S. is the largest grower of blueberries, blueberry type of low shrub grown up in Maine is the state’s official fruit, while the type of high shrub is mostly grown in Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina and Georgia.

Blueberries grow flower and shrub. When mature they are approximately the same size and have a marble-like shape. You can eat them whole because they do not have a seed and have a sweet tartness. Studies show that they are rich in antioxidants that serve as protection against cancer. Blueberries also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

What is blueberry juice?

Blueberries juice is obtained by pressing the blueberries. This is a relatively new drink and falls into organic and healthy food. Blueberry juice has a sweet sour taste, since blueberry tartness is sour-sweet. This juice has less sugar than grape juice which makes it a popular beverage. Cranberry juice is also a popular ingredient in cooking as well as for making cocktails.

Health benefits of blueberry juice

It is determined that blueberry juice has many positive effects on the health of older people. Studies done by Rutgers University show that drinking blueberry juice may improve memory, help in reducing depression and lower blood sugar. Research for other positive health benefits that are gained by drinking blueberry juice showed that it improves vision, reduces cholesterol and even improves coordination and balance.

How to make blueberry juice

Making blueberry juice is a bit more complicated than pressing the orange juice out of the orange, but not too hard, and when you do it, you will get a tasty blueberry juice. Here is the easiest way to do it:

Rinse berries and place them in a bowl with enough water for them to “swim” in. Boil the water and then smash all blueberries with a wooden spoon after you put away the pot from the fire. Then, return the water on low fire to boil briefly again and then remove the pot from the stove again. Strain the juice into another bowl. Now you have blueberry syrup. Now that you have the juice, sweeten it with pineapple juice, honey or sugar. Be careful because you cannot undo unique sour taste once you sweeten. Mix the syrup with water in ratio -- 3 parts water and one part syrup.


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