Blueberry-Apple Mix – The Best Ally When It Comes To Losing Some Weight


Fruits are your best allies if you want to maintain your waistline. The more fruits you use, the better. Do not limit yourself to only one type of fruit, mix several types and make sure you eat seasonal and organic fruits.

Here is an interesting and delicious mix of apple and blueberry. You can use this combination to prepare juice, shake or delicious fruit salad. You will certainly not be wrong if you decide to consume these fruits fresh.

Only an apple a day can keep your line slender, but eat it before a meal. Apples are rich in fiber and boost metabolism. Blueberry, on the other hand, is healthiest of all berries and contains the most antioxidants and fiber which prevent the deposition of fat in the body because they transfer them directly in the process of digestion.


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