Blueberries – Natural Remedy For Diabetes

Back in the middle Ages, blueberry juice was known to be some sort of source of health and strength. It is known that people and the newborns were bathing frequently at that time. But if a baby was sick, its mother would rub the baby daily with blueberry juice. They believed that blueberry was a natural remedy for a long lasting and healthy life. In the middle Ages people believed that blueberry juice prevents plague.

1060569_213873352099021_296789608_nBlueberry is delicious fruit with “healing powers”. It contains only a few calories, but a straight trove of healthy, healing ingredients. Half cup of fresh blueberries contains only 40 calories and offers a full array of healthy ingredients such as potassium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, anthocyanins…

Today, many scientific studies have confirmed that the blueberry is healthy food and medicine for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Research proved that wild blueberries also help in the treatment of diabetes because they have powerful antidiabetic properties.

Blueberry leaf tea -- natural remedy for diabetes

In one liter of boiling water put a handful of dried or fresh leaves of blueberry and let the mixture stand still for 10 minutes. Drink 3 to 4 cups a day. To make even more efficient tea, mix leaves of wild blueberry, wild strawberry and blackberry. This tea is one of the best natural remedies against diabetes.

Better than remedy -- filled palm blueberries

  • Assist in maintaining cholesterol under control and contribute to heart health
  • A diet rich in blueberries significantly improves mental capacity for learning, strengthens motor skills and protects the brain from stress.
  • Also, blueberries are recommended for diarrhea and constipation treatment.
  • Blueberries can be remedy for prevention and elimination of urinary tract infections. The components contained in this berries (and cranberries) clean the urethra and bladder and neutralize Echerichia colli -- bacteria that is a common cause of urinary infections in women.
  • This fruit is proved to be very effective in preventing the occurrence of ovarian cancer and it had 40% efficiency.
  • Blueberry’s made it into the top 10 foods which are valid as super foods for women.


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