Your Blood Type Reveals Much About Your Health

You might not have known that your blood type actually says a lot about your health here are some facts you need to know.

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  • Women with blood type A are believed to be more fertile.
  • They are also more susceptible to stomach cancer.
  • If you have blood type O you are safe from heart diseases but not high blood pressure.
  • Those with blood type B are more prone to having pancreatic cancer.

Blood types are in four groups namely; A, B, AB O. Rh factors are in two types (plus) and (minus) and they are hereditary.

During the World War II, a Nazi party scientist Dr. Otto Rehe, suggested that the Aryans predominantly had blood group A. Researchers have since then being looking into the link between certain diseases and blood type.

“A” -- Blood Group -- Highly Fertile But Also Susceptible To Excessive Drinking

While people in this blood group are fertile they are also prone to excessive drinking and stomach cancer.

“B” -- Blood Group -- High Metabolism But Prone To Ulcers

People in this blood group have better metabolism and muscle buildup than other groups but they are also susceptible to ailments such as;

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  • Memory loss
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Ulcers

“O” -- Blood Group -- They Have A Low Risk Of Heart Attack But Reduced Fertility

Those women with in this blood group suffer from stomach ulcers which us caused by a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori. They are also more vulnerable to produce poor quality or fewer eggs that can adversely affect their fertility. In men, having this blood type makes them more susceptible to obesity.

People in this blood group are also less likely to have stomach cancer and a heart attack. They are also more immune to post-traumatic stress as they have low stress hormone cortisol.

“AB” -- Blood Group -- Great Eye Vision But Susceptible To Heart Attacks

People in this blood group have very good eye sight but women are susceptible to ovarian cancer and pregnant women have a higher risk of blood pressure-preeclampsia.

Stroke and heart attacks are also common for people who belong to this blood group. They are also prone to Crohn’s disease and chronic gastritis. People in this group are also able to deal with the post-traumatic stress better as they have more stable cortisol levels.


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