Black Seeds – Cure Everything

Black Seeds - Cure Everything

Niggela Sativa seed is one of the best natural remedies. You can find these seeds under different names such as the roman coriander, black sesame seeds, black cumin, but now these seeds are best known as black seed. Most of its health benefits have been proven in the medical literature. More than 40 ingredients and health issues can be improved. Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

This is only one small part of the diseases against which black seed act successfully.

Type 2 diabetes -- Only 2 grams per day can reduce the act of insulin resistance. Black seed also reduces glycosylated hemoglobin in the human body and strengthens the function of beta cells.

Helicobacter pylori -- The results of the therapy can be much more successful if it is combined with black seeds.

Epilepsy -- It is well known that black seed act strongly against cramps.

High blood pressure -- If you take 100-200 mg extract of black seed every day for two months you can reduce blood pressure or normalize it.

Asthma -- The ingredients of black seed act better against asthma than some drugs do. According to some research, boiled extract of black seed has a strong anti-asthma effect.

Cancer of the colon -- According to the study, black seed oil significantly prevents the growth of colon cancer.

Opiate dependence -- Black Seed is an effective therapy for opiate dependence.

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