Black Cumin Seed Oil to Fight Cancer and Improve your Immune System

The use of black cumin seed oil to fight cancer and improve your immune system may seem strange, but it has been proven to be effective.

Nigella Sativa, or Black Cumin Seed Oil, is available through Amazon and has long been recognized as traditional medicine for countries like Ancient Egypt. It was found in tombs and has been touted as an effective beauty treatment used by Cleopatra, just to give a couple examples. Chinese traditional medicine is another area that depends on Black Cumin Seed oil for certain treatments.

Why is Black Cumin Seed Oil Effective?

The oil contains a compound called crystalline nigellone, which has nutrients like calcium, copper, folic acid, protein, vitamin B1, B2 and B3, zinc, iron and phosphorous. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors by about half, increase the growth of healthy bone marrow cells, protect the body when it undergoes chemotherapy and radiation treatments, fights off bacteria and prevents inflammation. It also can deactivate or completely destroy certain types of cancer cells.

What Conditions can Black Cumin Seed Oil Help Treat?

Some illnesses like cold and flu, bronchitis, anxiety and nervous tension can be treated with the use of black cumin seed oil. The oil can also help with diabetes, allergies, colic in babies, diarrhea, hair loss, insomnia, depression, migraines and high blood pressure.

Black Cumin Seed Oil is most effective when it is taken twice a day. If it is taken one hour before a meal, that increases its ability to help the body. It can be taken one teaspoon of oil at a time, mixed into juice or followed by hot tea. If the spicy flavor does not bother the individual, it can also simply be taken on its own.

The oil can be found in capsule form as well if the spicy taste is a problem. The effectiveness is not diminished when taken in this form.

Interestingly enough, as mentioned above, Black Cumin Seed Oil can also be effective as a beauty treatment for the skin. Simply take it as recommended above, and it helps the hair, nails and skin take on a healthier appearance in a matter of months. It can be found in certain beauty products as well. It is possible to mix a small amount into face cream. Just take care with this effort. When used appropriately, Black Cumin Seed Oil has been effective to treat acne, joint pain, sore muscles, psoriasis, burns and eczema. It can also help with fungal infections and other infections on the body.

The purchase of black cumin seed oil can be done via amazon. This is easy, since it is dropped off right at your door and there is no need to drive anywhere to physically search for it. The use of black cumin seed oil can cause a great improvement in how you feel and the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. This means a lot of benefit from a capsule or a teaspoon of oil twice each day.



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