Bitter Melon As A Support In The Treatment Of Cancer

Bitter melon’s health benefits have been known long time ago all over the world, especially in Japan because this plant is used there the most and it is considered to be a mean for longevity.

Bitter melon (Momordicacharantia -- karela) comes from the family Cucurbitacei and grows in tropical and subtropical areas of Central and South America, Africa and Asia. All parts of the plant are bitter and suitable for consumption -- leaves, fruit and seeds.

Medicinal benefits of Karelia (medicine for diabetes, antiviral activity, antioxidant) have been known for a long time. But in recent years this herb that can help in the treatment of cancer, has been intensively investigated.

Thanks to the anticancer properties of this exotic melon’s juice, it can prevent the growth of pancreatic cancer without side effects. It also efficiently acts in preventing breast cancer, gastric, prostate, colon, liver and leukemia.

In recent survey that was conducted by the University of Colorado, USA, from the Centre for cancer Research, scientists boughtBitter melon, removed the pulp and seeds and made juice using a home juicer.

Bitter melon juice diluted with 5% water acted strongly on the reduction of all four cancers of the pancreas. After only 72 hours of testing ASPC and Capan-2 tumor cells were reduced to 90%, and BxPC-3 and MiaPaCa-2 were reduced by 98%. Also, the juice activated AMPK, which suggests that it disturbs the metabolism of glucose and literally starves cancer cells by leaving them without sugar.

This juice’s effects have very similar action as chemotherapy.



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