BEWARE: We Daily Poison Our Body On 4 Different Ways

Toxins are an inevitable part of our daily life. They are everywhere around us, in food, air, water and in our body. We present you 4 sources of toxins which must be avoided or, otherwise can cause serious health problems.

Gourmet food – Fast lifestyle and constant race with time often take away our little free time that we have left of the day so in many cases it is easier to go to the nearest store and buy already cooked food. But, entering this kind of food in the body must be avoided or not consumed very often because these foods do not contain all the necessary nutrients and often are full with unhealthy fats, toxins and sugars.

Messy past – If you for a long period of your life consumed fast food, smoked and drank large amounts of alcohol, chances that you have long- term consequences on your health are big. The body remembers them even though you have already cut them off. When our organism is full f toxins it must find a place where it can “store” them and leave them as fat tissues. Therefore, doctors recommend detoxification program at least once in year that will help you to get rid of toxins.

Lack of sleep – If you want your body to do its internal processes for detoxification properly then you need to provide quality sleep to it. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep usually affects bad on your health.

Cleaning products – Cleaners contain chemicals which are doing their job excellent but, if they are not used properly they can indeed be very harmful to our health. When you are cleaning at home, you must protect your hands with rubber gloves and if to some products is written that you should protect your airways from it, do it with mask.