Beware: These 10 Foods are Made in China And Are Filled With Pesticides, Plastic and Cancer Causing Chemicals

Even though it sounds unbelievable this is one story. One article was published and made chaos in China declaring that there is fake rice produced from plastic. No one is preventing anything about that even with the fact that even with a small amount of plastic inside us we can seriously damage the digestive system as well the hormones, and you don’t want to even imagine what could happened if the amount is big.

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China is known for her innovative cheap products as toys, technology products and other consumer products but we all know food is something that it should be not played with. It is also known that China is the leading country of producing pesticides so it is most likely that the food from there is laced with pesticides. The air over there is also toxic, breathing outside does as much as damage as smoking 40 cigarettes daily. The rivers are not it good mood also. They are filled with toxins and chemicals who are leaked into the environment.

This is a list of 10 foods from China that might be your worst choice and one great treat for your health.

1.Plastic rice -- if you notice that your rice stays hard after boiling then something is not quite okay with it. Plastic rice is made from potatoes and fake synthetic resin and it is believed that he could be cancerous.

2.Tilapia Fish – during the develop process of this fishes, they consume everything that can be found in the small pool of waste water in extremely bad conditions. This is one of the worst, most toxic and unhealthy fish and 80% of it from America comes to China.

3.Processed Mushrooms – even that is written on the package organic this may not be true because often manufacturers declare them as organic for better profit. Many inspectors found tainted mushrooms.

4.Chicken – we already know that China produces more pesticides than any other country also than that she has a massive production in industry. Numerous food experts are concerned with the chicken quality although America approved the sale of Chicken in 2013.

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5.Green Peas – They are created from soy beans, snow peas with green dye and sodium metabisulfite, they do exist and that was discovered in 2005. They can cause cancer and complicate absorb of calcium.

6.Cod Fish – The fish lives on its own waste and is super unhealthy.

7.Mud which is sold as black pepper – The Chinese don’t have much diligence in their food and they often skip the safety regulatory systems and the origin so food is often left to vague. One vendor in China literally collected mud and sold it as black pepper and took flour and sold it as white pepper. This is the main reason you should buy organic local food.

8.Industrial Salt – after consuming this king of salt you will have reproductive problems and also mental and physical issues.

9.Chinese garlic – 31% of this kind of garlic is sold in the US. This garlic is sprayed in enormous amounts and it is filled with big amount of chemical concoction.

10.Chinese Apple Juice – starting with the fact that high amount of pesticide are produced over there avoid apple juice completely.

For better health and good nutrition use only organic food, produced in one local farm or grow it by yourself. It is hard to experience unwanted side effects and let your health face the disaster.

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