Beware From The Chinese Garlic! It Is Full Of Toxins And Chemicals. Here Is How Can You Recognize It!


Last year the United States imported 70 million kilograms of garlic from China, so better be careful and do not trust to the organic certification when you read “organic” garlic imported from China.

Why you should keep yourself away from the Chinese garlic?

Because they whiten the Chinese garlic. In the garlic, there are injected chemicals for stopping the sprouting, becoming whiter and for destroying the insects. For the situation to be even worse this kind of garlic is grown in untreated wastewater and effective methyl bromide which serves as fungicide.

The bromide can lead to serious health issues. It can damage the respiratory and central nervous system and can cause even death. The other harmful ingredients present in the garlic are lead and sulphates. Due to process of its treatment, allicin – healthiest ingredient in garlic starts being reduced. Also, when garlic is in storage for long period of time, it cannot rot because is chemically treated.

How to notice easily the differences between the organic and chemically treated garlic?

  • The natural garlic is way heavier than the chemically treated one.
  • The natural garlic is full of flavors compared with the Chinese one.
  • The natural garlic is always smaller than the Chinese one.