How To Become Resistant To Stress?


Many know the fact that exercise will significantly improve the mood. But the latest scientific knowledge can completely change your everyday life.

Newest researches came to some interesting results which are great for those who are tired of everyday’s stress and tension.

If you practice these minimal changes into your daily routine, they can make you two times stress resistant.

Here is what you can try even today:

1. Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs.

This will pull your thoughts away from the stress, plus it will strengthen the lower part of the body.

2. Walk while you read your e-mails on your smart phone.

This way your body is active and you will easier accept any bad news or notes.

3. Stand while you work.

Try standing at least one third of your working hours. You will notice the difference the same day. Surprisingly, standing burns lots of calories, which leads to releasing the particles which cause stress.

4. Make a meeting room in which there will be no chairs.

This will reduce the level of stress to everyone present. They will also feel more confident as they speak standing up.


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