Be Careful, Tuna May Harm Your Health!

Canned tuna contains mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, which are harmful to health. These two ingredients are present in seawater and sediment in the sea.

However, according to scientists, tuna contains only a third of the amount of these dangerous toxins compared to shark and swordfish. The main reason for this is this fish’s low position in the food chain, according to which the highest level of contamination with PCBs and mercury have exactly the fish listed highest on this scale.

It is not recommendable for men to consume tuna more than 4 times a week and women more than 2 times a week.

Tuna belongs into the category of non-fat and healthy fish. It has distinctive intense flavor and is rich in oily texture. Also, tuna is rich in carbohydrates, proteins but not fats, which makes it an excellent food for a period of dieting.

In order to reduce the danger, you need to be very careful and never forget to strain all the oil from the can.


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