Assemble Your Hands And See If These Lines Overlap Your Hands. Here Is What It Means!

Reading palms is widely practiced in the world and it was originated in the Indian astrology. The purpose of it is assess to a Peron’s character or to find part of the future while studying your hand.

You can read the marital line by yourself. Everything you need is to compose your hands and pay attention to the lines that are indicated in the figure.


Here is their meaning:

  • If the lines are the same height or if merge: you are gentle, sensitive and relatively stable. You do not want company from exuberant persons. Your husband/wife will be someone who your family and friends will adore.
  • If the right line is higher than the left: You are very wise and you are attracted to elder people. You are not interested in what other people think of you, you walk hard on the ground. There are 70% chances that you will end with someone older than you.
  • If the left line is higher than the right: You are strong and confident and you attract people with your good look. You will probably end up marrying someone younger than you in abroad.


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