Artichokes – For Easier Digestion

artichokes-for-easier-digestionArtichoke is one of the oldest foods known to humans. They have always been extremely appreciated, and its exact origin is not known. In the 16th century it was destined for men and women to be banned because it is a good aphrodisiac. In traditional medicine it is used to improve appetite, to treat indigestion, chronic inflammation of the kidneys and liver, to treat bladder, spleen and diabetes. Artichoke is a plant that is grown for food and medicinal purposes (the dried leaves and stem parts can be used for making tea). Young artichoke is used in food; it can be boiled and eaten as a vegetable in various sauces. On the other hand, you can make soup out of dried artichoke. It is believed that it was first grown in ancient Greece and later it was taken by the Romans. From all the Islamic countries, Maghreb grows the most artichoke. Artichoke is also wide spread in Australia, the U.S., Central America, South America and South Africa. In 100 grams of fresh Artichokes there are 196 kilocalories, 10.5% out of them are carbohydrates, 3.3% protein and 0.1% fat. This plant is an excellent source of vitamins, folic acid and a great source of vitamin C and K. When it comes to minerals, artichoke is an excellent source of copper, magnesium and manganese. In 100 g of fresh artichoke there are 5.4 grams of dietary fiber, 464 μg and 106 μ glutein beta carotene.

Artichoke originates from the Mediterranean where lowest percentage of chronic diseases and longer life span are the commonest out of all places in the world. It is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals and thanks to its excellent ingredients, leaves and root, artichoke has healing properties. Artichoke protects liver from inflammation and infections, stimulates its work and regeneration. Helps in treatment of the toxic substances from the body and treats jaundice. Scientists have proved that the artichoke extract can reduce bad cholesterol by 22%.

Nowadays because of the fast and unhealthy food, lack of physical activity and stress on the body, many have problems with stomach pain, nausea, and constipation, constipation. Medicinal ingredients of the artichoke help the digestive system, because it helps in the breakdown of fats, helping the function of the gall bladder, intestinal cramps and feeling of bloating. Artichoke also acts as a diuretic and thus can help migraines, which cause toxins in the blood and can also improve skin condition. It contains flavonoids such as lutein, which acts like antioxidant and protects the body from cancer.


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