Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Blood Sugar Regulation And Speeds up Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar is known as very beneficial in health and in many medical purposes. His usage goes back many years and it has also positive effects on blood sugar regulation and weight loss.

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There are two phases of producing it, the first one is when the yeast and the bacteria turns sugar into alcohol and the second one is the oxidation of alcohol into acetic acid caused by acetobactericum.

The fermenting portion of apple lies at the bottom of the bottle and it is filled with enzymes. The bottles with that inside are indeed the most useful ones. It has a sour and bitter taste.

Blood sugar control – The vinegar is mostly used as a salad dressing or before large meals and also very calorized people drink small cup of vinegar before eating. With his antilycemic compounds he has role in regulating sugar levels. It is used as fighter against the metformin who is linked with liver diseases and hearth issues. Post prandial glycemia is a spike in an individual`s blood glucose levels following meals. Several studies show that if you consume vinegar with a meal the blood glucose sensitivity will improve. Facts exist that there was a reduction in fasting glucose levels of 4-6 % when people received only 2 tablespoons of apple cider before meal. A 3-6 % fasting glucose reduction was noted when some individuals received medical treatment. Also there was another research which showed that women, who have morning meal containing vinegar, have a 55% reduction in the blood glucose.

Weight loss- If you use daily two tablespoons of vinegar you will see promotion of weight loss. The enzymes who are inside us by consuming the vinegar stimulate the blood concentration and regulates the appetite. There are lipogenesis and fatty acids who improve the cholesterol levels and the acetic acid protects the liver. The vinegar also helps for full body detox. While consuming apple cider vinegar the stimulation of fecal bile acid is increased and it causes weight loss. Positive Effects of apple cider vinegar in weight loss are noted in 155 Japanese individuals. The collected data showed a decrease in BMI, visceral fat, serum triglyceride and many others. 

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