Another Reason Why You Should Eat Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs are an indispensable source of protein and contain vitamins and minerals. They are available throughout the year, they are so easy to prepare and are just as tasty and useful.

The white of egg is composed of 85-90% of water, 10-12% of protein and less than 1% of carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Fats found in egg white are polyunsaturated and therefore are not at all harmful. Egg white does not contain cholesterol.

Half the composition of the egg yolk is water. One third of it belongs to the fats and proteins and there are 15-16% of proteins. Egg yolk also contains vitamins, such as A, D and E. Unlike the white, egg yolk contains cholesterol. About 2% of the yolk is cholesterol, but it is not as dangerous as once was thought.

A study published in the journal “Journal of Clinical Nutrition” has found that eggs can protect you from diabetes type 2.

Scientists, researching the effects of nutrients in eggs, found a certain interesting effect.

People who consume at least 4 eggs during the week have had 37% lower risk of developing diabetes than those who ate only one or did not eat any eggs at all.

Thanks to carotenoids, antioxidants of the egg yolk, chronic inflammation, which represents the basis of diabetes, can be reduced.

Experts advise to consume at least one egg a day. This way you will be able to gain the maximum benefits from the eggs.


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