Ancient Cure From The Samurai: Restore Your Strength, Strengthen Your Organism And Your Bones!

If your feel often tired and you have problems with bones, this old Japanese cure prescribed by the Samurai can be very helpful.

The drug can be prepared simply:

In one glass place 250ml apple cider vinegar and put inside it on medium sized egg which is previously washed. Leave it like that inside for seven days. During this time the egg shell will dissolve and only the thin membrane will remain that actually holds the yolk and the albumen  together. After 7 days, remove the egg from the vinegar, tear the membrane and place the contents of the egg ack inside the vinegar. Stir the contents well to get uniformed mixture.

Consume 10ml from this mixture 3 times daily, dissolved in glass of lukewarm water.

This natural remedy is good for increasing the energy and strength and is excellent for the health of your bones. On this way your body will be able to use all the vitamins, proteins and calcium from the egg.


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