Aluminum Foil Treatment for Back Pain & Joint Pain – Treatment of Russian & Chinese Healers

Aluminum foil has healing properties and is often used by Chinese and Russian healers. Practice has shown that you can use aluminum foil out of the kitchen as well.

If you have problems with sore hands, you need to wrap your fingers, and if necessary, the whole arm with foil.

The same goes for the neck, back, shoulders, knees and heels, simply wrap the painful area with aluminum foil and the pain will disappear for a short time.

The bio flow is passing through biological active points in our body and this is reflected back from where they came. It has positive influence on the affected organs. This way you will be able to solve health problems and to ease the pain.

This interesting healing method has been used by the Chinese and Russian healers for a long time, and is explained in detail in the book of Wilhelm Reich, physiotherapist who was a disciple of Freud.

How can aluminum foil heal you?

Take aluminum foil, place it on the sore spot and wrap it with a bandage.

The aluminum foil is excellent for treating neck pain, back pain, pain in the arms, legs, joints and so on.

Place a piece of aluminum foil on the sore spot and leave it overnight. Take a break of 1-2 weeks, and then if necessary repeat the treatment.

The aluminum foil can help relieve cold.

Wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of aluminum foil and place pieces of paper or gauze between each layer. Hold the layers like this for about an hour. Then, remove the foil and place it again after two hours. Then again hold the layers for about one hour and pause again. This treatment should be repeated three times. The whole procedure lasts a week.

However, many people still wonder how this treatment works.

Some rely on science and some explain the treatment to be successful due to bioenergy.

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