After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again… (#5 Is My Favorite)

Whenever we buy shoes or any other thing that comes with box we often find silica gel bags inside. They immediately end up in trash but maybe this is not a good idea at all. We believe they are useless or toxic but the truth is far further than this believe. Inside they are filled with one substance called silicon dioxide, which of course it couldn’t be consumed orally but it can be very useful around the house.

Here are some tips of its use:

1.Put them in your gym bag – if you put some bags inside the bag, all the moisture will be soon absorbed. If bacteria are flowing inside the bag, it will eliminate the dampness and germs from it.
2.Put between towels – If your towels have strange smell and sometimes they get damp put few of them between.
3.Make your razors last longer – put your razor in plastic container with few silica bags inside. Indeed will last longer.
4.Drowned phone problems – if your phone is wet or even worse it is droned in water, take one jar and fill it with silica bags and then put the phone inside. Very effective way of “healing” technology.
5.Car Widows with fog – when winter season approaches you indeed have amount of problems with your car, especially with windows. Instead of waiting the air-conditioning to do the job put bunch of silica bags under your windshield from the inside. Fascinating results will wait you in the morning.
6.Old photos – we collect photos, they are proof of past happy memories. In time of course they fade and deteriorate so put a couple of bags in box filled with old photos and you will stop their ruining.
7.Make up saviors – put at least two of them in your make up bag or purse.

This tips are indeed helpful and will stop you throwing away the silica bags every time you buy something new. If you have any ideas or thoughts comment bellow.



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