After Reading This You Will Not See Strawberry Just As Another Berry!

Strawberry season has already been started, and few can resist its irresistible red look and sweet taste and smell.

When it comes to this fruit, there is no need to be modest. Add it in your daily diet and you will have a very big benefit of it.

Strawberries belong to the family Rosaceae (roses) and because of their red color and interesting heart-like shape it used to be a symbol of Venus, the mythological goddess of love. Strawberry is the only fruit which seeds are located on the outside unlike all other, which seeds are on the inside.

Strawberries contain 90% water and are poor in sugar. This is why strawberries are a great natural antioxidant. In 100 grams of strawberries there are 35 kcal. They are very rich in vitamin A and C, fiber, iron, and also contain Omega 3 fatty acids.

Diarrhea, inflammations and strengthening of the immune system

Strawberry is one of the best natural analgesics, so instead of pills, reach for fresh strawberries and get rid of the pain in a natural way. Thanks to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, strawberries relieve all inflammation processes and muscle aches and can even reduce high body temperature. Long term consumption of strawberries will help against weakened immunity and can treat anemia. It also helps in diseases of bile, rheumatism, kidney stones, and it has the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Strawberries for beauty

Besides being great for reducing excess weight because they boost metabolism, strawberries also reduce deposited cellulite, and regular consumption will prohibiting circulation against the eternal enemy of all women. These berries are rich with collagen which is the main tool in the fight against wrinkles. They also restore the elasticity of the skin and will help you achieve having the perfect tan.

If you have dental plaque, rub your teeth with strawberries and they will shine and you will get the perfect smile.


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