Advantages & Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

The feeling of “hanging out” with a cup of coffee can be described and understood only by those who consume this hot and precious beverage.

The habit of drinking coffee cannot be compared to anything else. This habit is especially experienced every time, over and over, each time drinking coffee.

Besides that coffee gives a sense of satisfaction, its consumption has certain advantages very positive effect on health compared to other ingredients in our daily intake.

Coffee also has negative consequences in terms of health are closely screaming with the inserted daily amount of coffee in the body.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

This article will inform not just all those coffee lovers who cannot imagine their day starting without its smell, but everyone else as well about the advantages and disadvantages of coffee consumption. You can also learn how many cups of coffee affects what part of your body and how.

Please read, inform yourself and if necessary, increase or reduce the consumption of coffee during the day.

1 Cup Daily
Advantages -- regulates the level of blood pressure and positively affects blood vessels. Coffee is known as an excellent antioxidant that stimulates brain activity.
Disadvantages -- just a cup of coffee disturbs sleep at night because our body needs 8 hours to process the caffeine from the coffee itself. Therefore, even though we love it as a morning ritual, we need to avoid drinking coffee at night as much as possible.

2 Cups Daily
Advantages -- intake of this amount during the day is a great prevention of Alzheimer’s disease because of the amount of added caffeine increases the number of proteins in the brain that affect memory loss.
Also if you consume two cups of coffee 30 minutes before a strenuous activity, you will gain a much greater amount of energy that will help you successfully complete the work.
Disadvantages -- women who drink two cups of coffee during pregnancy may “suffer” a spontaneous abortion, because caffeine affects the production of adrenaline and hormone cortisol, which are closely associated with the occurrence of this unwanted condition.

3 Cups Coffee
Advantages -- prevention of ovarian cancer in woman can be achieved by drinking 3 cups of coffee a day.
This amount of coffee will prevent the occurrence of gallstones in man.
Disadvantages -- the amount of intake during the day increases the chances of a heart attack.

4 Cups Coffee
Advantages -- 4 cups of coffee contain about 400 milligrams of caffeine, amount comprised rich in antioxidants, which cleanse the body and help in the fight against various types of cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes type 2nd
Disadvantages -- too much intake of coffee, such as 4 cups per day, can have negative outcome with people with sensitive health and health problems. Possible cases of rheumatoid arthritis, matching the feeling of nervousness and anxiety may occur.


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