Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!

We know that cinnamon has a zillion benefits for our health.  But do you know it is good for your plants too?  Indoor and outdoor plants love a bit of cinnamon and we bet you did not know that!  We’re here to tell you how you can share your cinnamon and you can all feel the effects of it!

Plant wounds

Sometimes while tending to your garden you may wound your plant by mistake, cut the stem or tear off a seed or flower, leaving damage behind.  Get some cinnamon and dust it on the wound, it will encourage healing and prevent further damage or infection. 


Seedlings are most vulnerable when they’re first coming up, fighting their way out the soil and seeking sunshine, air and water.  (You can think of a turtle being born and running straight to the ocean; this is similar) 

Seedlings can be vulnerable to disease that in gardening terms is called ‘dampening off’.  Seedlings get attacked by fungi or soil conditions.  To prevent this, use cinnamon.  It is a fungus fighter.  Dust our soil with cinnamon daily, just a little, and protect your seedlings this way.

Ant deterrent

Cinnamon is really good for us humans but it is not good for ants.  Sprinkle a little around your garden or in the specific beds where you have an ant problem.  Sprinkle it too in the corners or crevices of your house where you want to get rid of ants.  It smells good and the ants will flee.

Rooting hormone

Cinnamon can stimulate growth of the roots of plants and vegetables.  Instead of using garden chemicals, use cinnamon as a rooting hormone.  You only need a little.  Apply cinnamon to the stem when you are planting the cutting.  You will be astonished at how quickly and beautiful your plant grows.

Unwanted wild mushrooms

Mushrooms do not like cinnamon either.  Instead of breaking your back, bending over and plucking them out daily, just spread a little cinnamon.  Watch them disappear!

And then remember the health benefits of cinnamon for you too!


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