This Is What Your Acne Reveals About Your Health


It is believed by the Chinese traditional medical practitioners that acne located on different parts of the face is indicative of more serious health concerns.

Acne on your upper cheeks is believed to be linked to some strain in the respiratory tract or lungs.

There are other organ health pointers of Acne and they include;

1.  Acne On The Upper Forehead

This Is Indicative Of Issues With The Digestive System and Bladder


Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of clean drinking water. Stay away from refined sugar, processed and greasy foods.

Eat organic fruits and veggies as snacks rather deep fried fatty fast food. Avocado with a tablespoon of coconut oil works wonders, add this to your daily diet.

You will detoxify your body when you eat organic veggies and fruits which are rich in antioxidants.

Eat kimchi, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and berries. You can also take probiotic capsules as a daily health supplement.

2. Acne On Your Lower Forehead

Acne On This Part Of The Face Means There Are Issues With The Heart.


Poor diet can put stress on your heart which works very hard to pump blood to all parts of the body. A sedentary lifestyle can also be a problem, so you need to have a more balanced diet and exercise regularly. You can also help the health of your heart when you eat pomegranate and coconut oil.

3. Acne On The Ears

Acne On The Ears Could Mean There Is A Problem With The Kidneys.


Large painful pimples on your ears that seem to not go away is indicative of kidney problems. This could mean you are not drinking sufficient water or that you are eating way too much sodium rich diet.

You could also be harming your kidneys if;

  • You don’t urinate when you have the urge to
  • Taking too much alcohol and coffee
  • Deficiency in magnesium
  • Eating way to much animal protein
  • Depriving yourself sleep
  • Eating way too much refined sugar

It is interesting to note that Subway products have excessive amounts of sodium even though they erroneously claim that their products are “healthy”. So when next you want to buy low-fat product from them ensure that you also check out the sodium content.

Also Subway include genetically modified soy to about all their products. In general stay clear of fast food if you want to have healthy kidneys. For good kidney health drink lots of water and eat parsley, it’s an excellent detoxifier.

4. Acne Around The Orbital Area, Eyes And Between The Eyebrows

This Is Indicative Of Strain On The Liver.

Those pimples, redness, oiliness and even flakiness between the eyebrows could mean that the liver is in need of cleansing as it has been overworked.

Get greasy foods off your diet especially those full of soy and canola oil. Also stop taking dairy products, don’t eat late in the night as it will adversely affect your liver. Take a tablespoon of raw natural honey if you feel peckish at night.

In the daytime eat more of these foods;

  • green tea
  • beets
  • lemons and limes
  • carrots
  • grapefruit
  • garlic
  • leafy green vegetables

5. Acne On The Upper Cheeks

This Could Mean Lungs and Respiratory System Issues.

When your lungs are stressed there is likely to be a flare up of pimples on your upper cheeks. You can also have upper cheeks breakout.

  • lung infections
  • living in a polluted area
  • allergies
  • asthma

You can stop smoking if you are a smoker and avoid being in situation where you are exposed to second hand smoke.

6. Acne On The Lower Cheeks

This Is Indicative Of Gum or Teeth Issues.

Having teeth and gum issues can also lead to acne on your lower cheek. Get rid of refined sugar in your diet, stop drinking fizzy drinks and eat plenty of fiber rich foods, fruits and veggies. 

7. Acne On The Sides of the Chin

This Could Mean A Problem With The Hormones and Genitals.

This is a problem that mainly affects women. There could be a hormonal imbalance when a person has flare ups on the side of their chin. It could be as a result of menstruation, a diet in soy or even the use of birth control pills.

Hormonal imbalance could also be due to physical and emotional stress.

To remedy this you should get lots of rest, a form of meditation or yoga exercise is also very useful as well.

Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 also.

The following herbs can help to balance hormones;

  • holy basil
  • maca
  • milk thisle
  • schisandra
  • rhodiola
  • burdock
  • Green tea is also a brilliant anti-androgen.
  • red raspberry leaves
  • licorice

8. Acne On The Center of the Chin

Small Intestine And Stomach Issues Can Be The Cause.

Imbalanced diet and food allergies are primarily responsible for this breakouts.

If you don’t consume naturally fermented food and your gut lacks probiotics, the quantity of wholesome food that you consume will not matter as all the nutrients will not be absorbed by your body.

In conclusion,

A deprivation of sleep, stress and dehydration can be detrimental to the small intestine and stomach.

You need to get sufficient rest and drink enough water as well. Your lifestyle changes will really help you to overcome acne related problems and strengthen your organs functions also.