A Handful Of Raspberries Help In Preventing Cancer

In alternative medicine, the fruit of raspberry has become a huge hit in recent years. Also, tea made of this berry’s leaves is used more and more frequently.

Ellagic acid, containing raspberries, acts directly on cancer and destroys it. Besides ellagic acid, anthocyanin and polyphenols also rebuild cells damaged by cancer.

A research has showed that 90% of the cancer cells were destroyed by raspberries. This is an important contribution to medicine that helped to easier regulate intestinal diseases only using raspberry extract.

Raspberries are powerful antioxidants that have very low caloric value and very high nutritional value. Also, these berries contain huge amounts of vitamin C, even more than lemon. Besides that raspberries contain vitamin B, E, glucose, tannins, folic acid, protein and plant fibers.

Therefore, we recommend eating a handful of raspberries daily because they will help to prevent cancer.


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