9 Year Old Mute Autistic Boy Spoke For The First Time After Only 2 Days Of Cannabis Oil Use!

Calais Santiago is 9 year-old with autism, from Puerto Rico, and he had never spoken a word in his life. His family tried everything to help him, but failed, until they received the first dose of the extract of cannabis, his fate changed dramatically.

The use of marijuana was illegal in Puerto Rico until spring this year. In May, after Puerto Rico’s governor signed an executive order which legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, the Santiago family decided to try to heal the small Calais using cannabis oil.

When the little Calais had only 10 months, he was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. This disease ruined two years of Calais’ childhood because of the many operations, radiation and chemotherapy. But that was not it, Santiago family received another diagnosis by doctors -- nonverbal autism.

“While he was in hospital, we noticed that he does not speak at all and that he had inappropriate behavior, such as the fluttering hands and walking on tiptoe. But we waited until he turned 3 years old and cured cancer to begin to treat his behavior” -- said Calais’s father, Abyei Santiago Gomez, in an interview.

Abyei, along with his wife, have been searching for mute autism for a very long time and simultaneously tried everything in order to help their child.

But, once medical cannabis was legalized in their country, they learned about its healing properties, especially for cannabinoids (cannabis ingredient) called Cannabidiol (CBD) and the success of treatment with cannabis oil in the treatment of Autism, ADD, ADHD and other neurological disorders.

They learned about many stories with happy endings of successful curing epileptic and autistic children with CBD. He began to use cannabis oil and his family claimed that after only 2 days the boy spoke for the first time in his life.

Father tells that they were extremely surprised the first time their kid uttered the vowels A-E-I-O-U in school. The teacher taped the great moment and sent the footage to the kid’s parents. They heard the voice of their 9 year old child foe the first time and all that thanks to cannabis.

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