9 Signs You’re Overstressed (And Don’t Know It)

Stress is one thing that seems difficult to avoid these days, not with all the demands from both work and the home front.

These days we are saddled with both physical and mental stress to cope with. Being aware of the tell-tale signs of stress in your life will help you manage it better.

Here are 9 sign of stress you need to know

1. Increased Hair Loss And Baldness

It is widely believed that on an average you lose about one hundred hairs daily. Where you notice that you are losing significant amounts of hair on a regular basis, it could be due to you being stressed-out. You need to find out why is causing your high stress levels and eliminate it.

2. Dramatic Weight Change

It is widely believed that excessive stress can cause your metabolism to either be quickened or slowed dramatically. Where your metabolism is quicken and you are not eating sufficient amounts of a balanced diet then you are likely to experience weight loss. On the other hand where your metabolism is slowed considerably you are likely to experience weight gain even though you are not eating too much.

3. Difficulty Sleeping

When you are stressed out you may experience difficulty sleeping. The general belief that there is a correlation between being tired and stressed is not entirely true. If you are able to get some sleep after a hard day at work then you are not stressed-out only probably overworked. Being stressed-out will make you have sleepless nights even though ordinarily you should be at sleep after such hard work but if you have mental stress it can keep you up all night.

4. Erratic Mood

When you are stressed-out there is a tendency for you to experience dramatic changes in your mood. One minute you are overjoyed and happy and the very next minute you are depressed and sad. This is a clear sign of being stressed-out and needs to be addressed, counselling can help.

5. Restlessness

One common sign of being stressed-out is restlessness and this can be defined as your inability to stay put in a place or position for a considerable period of time. If you become anxious and irritated easily and often then you should find out what is causing you to be stress-out and sort it out.

6. Persistent Body Pain

Stress can cause body pain and any pain experienced by you for which you can’t place a likely cause should not be ignored, it could be due to extreme stress. Stress is also known to cause -- headaches, migraines, diarrhoea, palpitations, stomach ulcers, tense muscles and even chest pains.

7. Too Much Thinking

When you think too much about anything, it could be about work, your income, family troubles and so on. It has the effect of causing unnecessary anxiety and depression. The truth is when you worry too much about a problem it doesn’t help to solve it, but actually makes it worse. You should try to avoid over analysing things and relax your mind.

8. Having Zero Tolerance

You become irritated easily and less tolerable of others when you are stressed-out. You can flare-up and become verbally abusive and vulgar at the slightest provocation. This will greatly affect your relationship with people at work and at home. You need to find ways of relaxing and relieving the stress you are experiencing.

9. You Have A Weakened Sex Drive

When you are under tremendous stress it has its negative bearing on your libido. You are likely to have a lack of desire for intimacy. This will be occasioned by erectile dysfunction issues if you are a man. You need to try and relax your body and mind by freeing it of any worries or cares. You can try out yoga exercises and meditation to help you relax and get your groove back!

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