8 Super Advises From Experts For Belly Without Fat For Summer


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If you feel heavy, your stomach is bloated and you worry how you clothes are looking on you, then it is time to take something in your hands or take control over the weight. With practicing little tricks and new food habits, you will indeed flat your stomach.

1.Coconut oil for slender waist

  • The scientists in one Brazilian study found out that the overweight women who during their daily diet exercised for half an hour, throw away their saturated fats and took 30ml coconut oil and lost more centimeters than the women who were on rigorous diets. The coconut oil is credited for that effect because it stimulates the work of the organs of digestion and discharges the excess water from the body plus speeds up the metabolism.

2.Fast abs for forming muscles

  • The stomach will always look better if it is tightened and it can only be achieved with exercise especially abdominal exercises. It is good for you to do any kind of abs, the quickening of the pace activates the muscles much more then large number of them. Therefore for getting tiles on your belly the rule “less is more only if it is faster” is applying, discover the fitness trainers.

3.Two eggs for breakfast and dinner for a flat stomach

  • Two boiled eggs are ideal breakfast because they give the necessary nutrients to the body and give feeling of satiety and you are not bloated. The proteins inside the eggs do not cause accumulation of fat so it is good to eat them if you want to reduce weight and waist.

4.Rye bread and pastry with whole grain cereals

  • The fiber which comes out from these kind of cereals are ally to the slim line because the bigger amount of starch inside the white bread binds the water and causes bloating. Different kinds of cereals can be mixed into salads and other food combinations. With this habit you will encourage your digestion and in combination with exercise the results will soon be noticeable.

5.The blueberries are melting the fat

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  • The blueberries are also ideal ally for flat stomach. They can be consumed fresh or frozen and are best in combination with yogurt. They are rich with antioxidants that promote the burning of calories, accelerated blood flow and prevent accumulation of fat especially in the area of the abdomen.

6.Laugh more for lower waist

  • The depression and stress are closely related with the build up of fat deposits on the stomach because they disrupt the regular diet and after it comes to sharp drop of the blood sugar and the overeating also promotes the deposition of fat around the waist. This kind of fat requires a lot of effort for reducing so do not worry and call your friends for hanging out, have fun and laugh. The laughing strengthens the abdominal muscles.

7.The stomach loves milk

  • Although milk contains fat, those who drink more milk in average have lower waist. The reason is located in the calcium, a mineral that expect for the bone formation it affects on the acceleration of the metabolism. If you are lactose intolerant, avoid the milk because beside sickness it will bring you bloating.

8.Interval training

  • The training should not be monotonous, with different trainings you will shock your body and encourage it to burn calories faster. Combine and for example spend 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes lifting. Do these kind of exercises three times a week and you will lose amore fat than practicing static exercises with longer duration.

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