8 Spices To Improve Circulation


Nothing can weaken our organism as a weak circulation. If a certain amount of oxygen cannot effectively and efficiently reach our cells, we will most likely feel tired and weak, which can lead to some serious cardiovascular related problems. In order to feel healthy and improve your circulation, follow the following advices:

1. Hot peppers

Hot peppers contain capsaicin; a compound which helps in the process of cleansing blood vessels and lowering bad cholesterol.

2. Dry-rubbing your skin

This method increases blood flow throughout the skin, thus improves circulation.

3. Vice versa hot-cold showering

Cold shower will decrease lymph vessels. Hot shower, on the other hand will expand them. These processes improve circulation.

4. Healthy diet

Healthy diet that includes entering alkaline foods will increase circulation. This happens due to the fact that great amounts of oxygen reach the blood.

5. Add lemon into your food

Lemon contains citrate, which naturally improves blood circulation. Both orange and grapefruit have similar effect.

6. Massage

Massage helps to relax tight muscles, thereby improving circulation.

7. Garlic

This ingredient is well known because it has numerous health benefits. One of garlic’s benefits is lowering bad cholesterol. This great vegetable also cleanses the blood, improves circulation and prevents occurrences and development of different heart diseases.


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