8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beetroot Juice


Beetroot is extremely healthy vegetable, but because of its harsh and concentrated flavor many people do not like it. We present to you several “must read” reasons in order to make you drink beetroot juice because you can only gain benefits from it.

1. Beet root is great for eye health because it contain carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxan tine.

2. Beetroot juice prevents cells damage and removes free radicals from the body, thanks to betalain pigments it contains.

3. Beetroot juice increases levels of iron in the blood. Besides iron, beet juice contains antioxidants which will maintain the normal hemoglobin level. Also, the iron in the juice will improve circulation.

4. Beetroot juice increases energy levels, so that helps your body to better respond to exercise.

5. Also beetroot juice reduces blood pressure with only one glass of juice a day.

6. Due to the magnesium containing, beetroot juice helps in alleviating stress.

7. If you have digestive disorders, regularly drink beet juice. Beetroot juice cleanses the intestines and helps them function properly.

8. Beetroot juice increases immunity, so your body can faster and easier fights infection.


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