8 Ingredients For Healthy And Radiant Skin


If you want healthy, radiant and shinny skin, read which ingredients you need to add to your diet:


It contains beta carotene which is turned into vitamin A after consumed. Vitamin A maintains the skin healthy and beautiful. It is also recommended for preventing small wrinkles, lines and other irregularities of the skin.


Citruses are great source of vitamin C, ingredient that possesses numerous health benefits. In order to enter the needed vitamin C dose, you need to drink freshly squeezed lemon, orange and grapefruit juices.


Tomato is rich in antioxidants and is great tool when it comes to good and healthy skin. Add tomato into your diet and your skin will look flawless.


Almonds contain healthy fats that give energy needed for regular exercise and proper work of the entire organism. Almonds are tasty snack that protect your overall health, unlike those who can damage your whole organism, health and figure.


Vegetables contain few calories, yet are very nutrient. The more you eat vegetables that better for your overall health. Green leafy vegetables are rich in fiber which will give you the feeling of satiety for longer period of time. Fiber also helps in soothing bloated stomach and improves skin’s shine and beauty.


Consuming hard cheeses is highly recommended because they will protect you against oral bacteria, which cause gum problems and caries. Thanks to cheese you will have bright smile.

Unsweetened yogurt

Regular yogurt, without additional sugars, different flavors and fruits is great for your bones and teeth. Good bacteria in yogurt stimulate and improve the digestion process, which reduces bloating.

Green tea

Antioxidant found in green tea help discharge radicals from the body. So, by consuming green tea you will look fresher and younger. Green tea also helps in reducing stress by allowing the body to rest well. This ingredient will also provide good sleep, which is necessary for maintaining your overall beauty. 


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