7 (un)Healthy Ingredients That Can Be Harmful If Eaten Excessively.

Tinned Tuna Fish.

If you eat a whole box of cookies it is more than clear it will harm you. It is equally harmful if you exaggerate consuming certain healthy foods. Learn which healthy foods you can enjoy only in moderation.

1. Orange and tomato

If eaten in large quantities, the oranges’ and tomatoes’ acid can cause gastroesophageal reflex, stomach disorder that is characterized by vomiting, stomach acids and sore throat. It is recommended not to consume more than two oranges a day or two tomatoes.

2. Canned tuna

If you eat canned tuna often, there is a danger of overdose with mercury because this element is found in tuna in large quantities. The large intake of mercury can cause visual and hearing impairment muscle weakness. Restrict eating canned tuna by two cans a week.

3. Soy

If you moderately consume soy it will regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, but if you overdo with consuming soy, it may occur prevention of iron absorption, causing anemia. So do not consume more than one serving a day.

4. Water

Hydration of the body is the key to good health, and excessive consumption of world’s healthiest drink can cause water poisoning. Excessive drinking of water reduces the level of sodium in the body, which can cause impaired brain function. How to know if you drink too much water? If your urine is colorless and transparent, reduce your intake of water.

5. Brazilian nuts

These excellent snacks are rich in protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, selenium, and are excellent in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood. However, if you exaggerate with their consumption, selenium can be toxic and cause numerous health problems such as hair loss, brittle nails, dermatitis and neurological problems. Do not eat more than ten Brazilian nuts daily.

6. Carrot

It is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and protects vision. However, carrots contain large amounts of oxalate that help the process of formation of kidney stones. This is why you should eat carrots in moderation.


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