7 Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

7 Tips to Prevent Bad BreathBad breath is nothing unusual. Almost every person has been in an awkward situation because of this problem. Bad breath problem can be solved with the help of the following few simple tricks.

  1. Chew mint leaf. Fresh mint is known to neutralize unpleasant odors and refresh your mouth. Also, it calms the stomach and improves digestion.
  2. Dental floss is also a fighter against bad breath. Clean your teeth with floss at least once a day. This will get rid of excess food collected between your teeth and the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.
  3. Brush your teeth, and tongue at least twice a day. This will keep your oral cavity clean and therefore you get rid of bad breath. Use toothpaste with menthol because it will neutralize bad odors.
  4. Regular checkups to the dentist are important for your health and the health of your teeth. Detailed overview as is cleaning the accumulated tartar can solve this problem.
  5. Drink water. Dehydration can be a cause of bad breath. So when you drink at least a glass of water bad breath may be gone or at least reduced. Also, water will wash your oral cavity and remove bacteria.
  6. Apples are great teeth cleaner, so, if you are on the job and do not have access to brush and toothpaste, eat at least one apple and refresh your breath by chewing sugar-free gum or spray refreshing breath.
  7. Avoid foods that contain white garlic, and also avoid the cigarettes.


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