7 Tips to Control Your Hunger!

7 Tips to Control Your Hunger!

7 Tips to Control Your Hunger!Everyone knows how hard it is to maintain a good line and to resist the sweet temptations, so in continuation read a few tips on how to beat hunger and keep your body in top shape.

1. Replace your intake of calories by chewing gum

Best replacement for popcorn and junk food that we consume during watching TV is a sugar-free chewing gum. The need for food intake that you can become accustomed to satisfy the taste of the tire without having to enter your calories.

2. Avoid snacks during parties

Combining alcoholic beverages with nuts during partying is often sinister for maintaining a slim line because this way you are entering an enormously large number of calories.

3. Eat in large blue plates

Always use larger plates for your meals because the size of the plate affect the nearer your desire to eat, while the blue color makes food less attractive than red, yellow and orange are the colors that stimulate appetite. Safe to say that it is a coincidence that most fast food restaurants are in these colors, right?!

4. Listen to music that relaxes you

Listening to music during your meal affects you all without you even noticing. Slow and relaxing music stimulates you to slowly eat your meal, and as we all know, slow eating is one of the basic things when it comes to healthy eating. This way food is better because calories are digested and it does not precipitate your body in the form of fat.

5. Organize your refrigerator

The order of the food in your refrigerator is very important. Healthy food needs to be placed in the front rows, fatty foods and those placed in the background. This way you almost forget that you have them.

6. Do not eat in your workplace

Whenever you are hungry take the time and visit a restaurant or a bar where you can enjoy relaxed in the food we consume.

7. Relax and eat

Never eat when nervous. First relax, then eat. Stress is one of the worst rivals of healthy eating and good line.


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