7 Things To Stop Doing Immediately If You Want Back Pain To Go Away

Chronic pain in the lower back is a common problem among lots of people today. It can affect your recreational activities, family and work. Even though there is no specific cure for low back pain, there are some measurements you can take in order to start managing symptoms coming from your back pain. If you suffer from pain in the lower back, here are several things you need to STOP doing ASAP!

Stop Waiting For The Pain To Go Away

If you suffer from such pain for more than a week or two, you need to see your physical therapist or doctor. (Many states allow direct access to physical therapy.) Instead of wondering whether you should start doing something for the pain goes away or not, you should start a treatment at once. The sooner you start the treatment the sooner you will recover.

Stop Trying Passive Treatments

There are different ways to get rid of back pain. Some of them are more useful than the other. For example, if you use ice, heat or ultrasound you may feel good, but most of the times the effects are temporary. However, for better effects you should try postural correction and active self-care exercises. These will be an effective remedy for treating pain in the lower back. Paying a visit to your physical therapist will help determination of which exercises are best for your specific condition.

Stop Lifting Heavy Items

Frequent heavy lifting is one of the top causes of low back pain occurrence. If your job requires lifting heavy items, you should try asking your employer to provide special equipment or an extra set of hands. If this is available it will ease the load on your lower back.

Repetitive Bending

Frequent forward bending is yet another common cause of low back pain. This can cause increased pressure on the vertebral discs in the back, which can lead to muscle aches and pains. In order to improve your health condition you need to limit your forward bending, and make sure to perform low back exercises, which are all about backward bending. In time and with proper exercises you will be able to get rid of the annoying lower back pain for which there is no certain cure.

Stop Avoiding Exercise

Being a couch potato will surely over time put your low back in very unhealthy poor posture. Starting exercising may hurt at the beginning but it has been proven to be highly beneficial for most low back pain. It will help keep the core muscles strong. Exercising will also provide increased blood circulation to your discs and joints.

Stop Slouching

Poor sitting posture is one of the commonest causes for low back pain occurrence. The strain on the back when sitting in a slouched position can often cause excessive pressure on the muscles joints and discs, thus causing pain. Learn to have correct posture while sit and maintain that posture for as long as possible. This way you will decrease or even eliminate low back pain. Also make sure your work-space is properly set up whether is at home and at work.

Stop Focusing on a Diagnosis

Up to 85% of all types of pain in the lower back are classified as “non-specific”. This means that the cause of your pain cannot be pinpointed to one certain and specific problem. Even though common diagnostic tests for pain in the lower back can show the discs, joints and bones with great detail, there is no test that can tell the exact cause of the pain with 100% accuracy.

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