7 Spices and Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

Herbs and spices not only make food taste better, but give us many health benefits. The healing power of some of them has been used for thousands of years.


The biggest benefit: regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics. 

Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon in oatmeal or spice your milk and coffee with just a little cinnamon. Cinnamon is delicious and has tremendous healing powers.

Besides regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics, the consumption of half teaspoon of cinnamon twice a day reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood around 30%.


The biggest benefits: anti nausea and abdominal pain, to relieve the symptoms of arthritis

Ginger reduces pain and swelling in people who suffer from arthritis. It is also excellent for reducing nausea and controlling the urges to vomit. Ginger can help you get rid of stomach problems, and it is considered that it reduces headache caused by migraine.


The biggest benefits: pain in the stomach, improve digestion

Rosemary increases alertness and concentration while leading to more effective execution of tasks that are associated with memory. This herb is a powerful antioxidant that increases blood flow to the brain and protects the brain from free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Also, rosemary stimulates the immune system, improves circulation and improves digestion of food.


The biggest benefit: heals sick throat; for better memory.

If you have problems with your stomach or if you are disturb by sore and dry throat, boil some salvia tea. This tea will reduce pain, guaranteed.

Studies have proven that salvia can ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, in another study, scientists have proven that students who received salvia extracts before the exam scored significantly better on tests of memory, and improve their mood.


The biggest benefits: pain in the stomach, improve digestion

The mint tea is used to relieve pain in the stomach, but also improves the mint and digestion of food. Mint helps with diarrhea, abdominal gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

Mint is often used to treat the common cold, sick throat, sinus problems and infections.


The biggest benefits: anticancer properties

Turmeric is the spice that gives yellow color to curry, and is used in Indian cuisine and medicine. In recent years researches increasingly confirm that turmeric has great power for fighting cancer. It is consisted of substances that reduce the growth of tumors.

7 Spices and Herbs That Can Improve Your Health


The biggest benefits: for strong immunity, prevention of heart attack.

Parsley tea is used for relief of symptoms in cases of urinary infections. Chewing parsley eliminates bad breath.

Parsley is an incredibly rich source of vitamins A and C helps to boost immunity and is especially useful in protecting the cardiovascular system.


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