7 Signs Of Lung Cancer We Must Not Ignore


Often lung infection, coughing, voice change; yes, these all are lung cancer symptoms.

Lung cancer is one of the commonest cancers in both men and women. There are some clear signs that we are threatened by this disease.

Read the 7 sing on which you should pay more attention

  1. Persistent cough i s the first sing. If you have a cold it is normal for you to cough for a few weeks, but if the cough does not stop see a doctor immediately. If you smoke, you should pay attention to chronic cough, or any change in cough. If this symptom becomes deeper and more frequent or if you cough blood -- immediately visit a doctor because these are the symptoms of lung cancer.
  2. Wheezing may be the result of allergies or asthma, but go to the doctor anyway because it can get worse.
  3. In case weight loss, fatigue, appetite loss and weakness are often present, they might indicate you have lung cancer.
  4. If you lose your breath after doing the usual tasks from which you have never lost your breath before, you might have lung cancer.
  5. Other lung cancer symptoms are frequent chest, shoulder and back pain. If you suffer these symptoms often, do not hesitate and go to the doctor.
  6. Voice change can be often caused by a cold, but if the voice change remains the same after a cold, visit your doctor.
  7. Frequent lung infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, can also be a signs of cancer.


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