7 Signs That You Have Heart Problems

Strokes always come with a warning. There are many symptoms that can be seen within days and weeks before the actual impact happens. People often ignore and not associated with risk. There is a difference in symptoms that precede a heart attack in men and women. Research shows that 95% of women who had experienced a heart attack, had warning signs weeks and months before the impact, but did not recognize.

1. Erectile dysfunction

There is a great possibility that people with erectile dysfunction suffer from heart problems. Speaking more precisely, among those who suffer from heart disease, the arteries become narrow and restrict blood flow to the penis. Women with limited blood flow to the genital area have trouble reaching orgasm and are less satisfied.

2. Snoring

Restricted air flow into the chest during sleep may be a sign that your heart is in danger. People who have trouble sleeping and their breathing stops a few short moments during the sleep, have a three times greater chance of heart attack in the next five years.

3. Gum problems

Inflammation and bleeding of the gums is a sign that you should see your dentist. Also this signal can be an early sign of heart problems. Most people do not pay attention to it, thinking that the pain will go away on its own.

4. Swollen legs

If your ankles are swollen, you probably have problems with fluid retention in the body. Fluid retention in the body may be an early sign of heart disease.

It occurs when the heart does not pump strongly enough and as a result, the blood does not filter tissue’s toxic elements. This condition is called edema and usually occurs in the ankles, feet, legs and hands.

5. Irregular heart beat

Irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia is when the heart beats too quickly, too hard or skips a beat. It may be an early sign of coronary artery disease. This condition’s final stage can lead to stroke or heart attack.

6. Chest and shoulders pain

Angina pectoris is the most common symptom of unhealthy heart. This type of chest pain is not the same as acute pain that occurs in a heart attack. It is a hard and severe chest pain and it is getting worse with every taken breath. This condition can be worsened by stress and exercise.

7. Short sighs

Short breaths can suggest several risky diseases. It can be an early sign of heart disease and lung cancer. Symptoms include problems with taking air and the inability to take deep breath. If you have these symptoms and they get worse over time, you probably have heart problems.


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