7 Interesting Facts You NEED to Know About Your Blood Type!

You would never have thought so much about your blood type before. This is not something that will strike you until it starts affecting your health.

Read the following 7 facts about your blood type that will surprise you:

  1. The food you should eat depends on it-nutritional requirements are different for different blood types. Blood group O is related to gastric problems. Such people require a high protein diet. Blood group A should have high vitamin C foods due to a sensitive immune system. Blood group B should not have transfat. They produce too much of the stress hormone cortisol. Blood group AB produce very less stomach acid. They should work on increasing that.
  2. Your personality depends on it- people with blood group A are kind and compassionate. Blood group B are friendly and outgoing. Those with O are practical, organized and worry too much.
  3. It affects fertility too- those with blood group O are more infertile.
  4. It can lead to too much anger and stress- those with blood group A are more stressed due to too much cortisol. Those with O are more angry.
  5. It can affect the amount of belly fat as well- those with type A will have a hard time losing belly fat due to acid reflux, bloating, indigestion and diabetes risk.
  6. They can affect your mating process- Rh+ve people don’t have any problem. But Rh+ve and –ve mating can have serious complications-inclusing death of the child.
  7. It can save your life- when you need a blood transfusion, knowing your blood type is the most important thing. Having any other type of blood injected into your body can be fatal.

Source:  www.davidwolfe.com

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