7 Cancerogenic Food Products Made in China You Mustn’t Consume

We all know that in the recent years most of the food we consume is imported from China.  We have enough farm food on our own, so the reason for this increased importation of harmful food is certainly the low price of it.

Here is the list of the most harmful foods imported from China that we consume:

1.    Apple juice

China exports 50% of the USA apple juices. This country is known to use many dangerous ingredients in the food production process even the prohibited pesticides.

2.    Industrial Salt

There are great chances that we consume industrial salt on a daily basis because China often uses this salt as table salt. This can provoke a heart attack, high blood pressure, and hypertension.

3.    Cod Fish

The USA imports half of the American Cod from China. There are big problems with the feeding of this fish in China, as well as great water pollution.

4.    Chicken

The sale of Chinese chicken is approved in America, but we all know that China is the country that very often has problems with avian flu and food poisoning. Also, recent researches have shown that chicken is kept in catastrophic conditions.

5.   Garlic

Chinese use many unsafe pesticides such methyl bromide in the production of foods. You should be aware of this since more than 30% of the garlic we consume is imported from China.

6.    Tilapia Fish

More than 80% of the tilapia fish is Chinese. This fish eats anything it can find including anything found in Chinese polluted waters which can be extremely harmful.

7.    Rice

Chinese are also known to produce fake rice made of resin and potatoes. This type of rice stays hard after boiling.

We hope that after reading this you will consider well before you buy food that is not local and organic.