6 Simple Exercises To Help You Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good!

To have the body you wish does not mean you have to exhaust yourself doing painful exercises. Practicing the few exercises we are about to present will stretch the muscles of the buttocks and legs which will allow you to create proportional look without cellulite. You can improve balance, flexibility and strength.

1st exercise

Spread your legs a little more than the width of your hips, bend the right leg and straighten it to the front, and put the arms on the side. Squat low and raise the heel, palms forward, stretch your right arm back and down. Get up and stand on your left leg, lower the heel while lifting your right knee up. Keep your hands at shoulder height and make sure your joints are not tight, palms down.

2nd exercise

Hold a position in which your hands and feet will be glued to the floor. Raise your buttocks as much as possible, and then lift the left leg to get balance. Bend the knee behind you so that you stretch the right leg and the hips will be raised up. Return to the original position and do the exercise with the other leg.

3rd exercise

Sit on the ground and bend your knees, spread your feet and put the hands aside. Then tighten the abs in order to lift the bended knees and form 45 degree angle. Lift your arms overhead with the palms inward. Turn to the right, stretching your right hand forward and the left one across the body while opening the legs and touching the floor with the feet.

4th exercise

Stand with your feet spread more than the hip range. Squat down and stand on tiptoe, tilt forward and place your right hand on the floor. Rotate the torso to the left and stretch the hand over the head. Turn toward the center, by putting your left hand onto the floor. Repeat the exercise until you are standing upward and flattening feet.

5th exercise

Place your feet so that the left one is 2 steps before the right one. Lift your left leg while you squat and go forward with the torso. Bend your hands halfway to the chest and try to reach back as far as you can. Stretch the hands and bend forward with the body. Relax your arms and return to its original position.

6th exercise

Sit on the floor, bend your leg backwards and merge the right heel with the thigh. Stretch your arms above your head and point the chin up. Turn the torso forward and slightly to the left. Put the right elbow on the floor in front of you, and the left hand over your head. Turn until you make a full circle with arms overhead.

Repeat each exercise 8 times (2 to 3 sets), three times a week, during the day. You will achieve great results.


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