6 Pounds Less Within A Week

What you are allowed to eat:

Rule number 1: Replace sugar with honey

The main culprit for accumulation is not only fat, but sugar. Therefore discard all sugars and use honey as an alternative. Your day should start with a glass of lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon honey. Also you can add an integral pastry with honey to your breakfast. Remember repeat this process half an hour before bedtime.

Rule number 2: Choose unrefined carbohydrates

For better digestion choose whole-grain bread, pasta and rice -- these ingredients are rich in fiber. In order to have a sense of satiety, add lots of protein and plenty of vegetables in your meals.

Rule number 3: Enter proteins

When eating chicken, eat it without its skin. You also need to eat grill prepared fish, beef, pork, eggs… These foods will reduce your need for intake of sugars in the body and will make the feeling of satiety last longer.

Rule number 4: Salad, fruit, vegetables

There is no rule in this diet which will limit you how much salad you can eat. Eat at least two fruits a day. Also, eat yogurt, cottage cheese and milk.


  • Fast food, chips, cookies, fried food, sodas, processed food etc.
  • Choose one day a week in which you will exclude carbohydrates
  • When holding on to this diet you need to completely forget about potatoes in any way.


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