6 Amazing Herbs For Women’s Pain

There are herbs that successfully treat almost all known diseases and pains in women especially when it comes to painful menstruation. All this healing is thanks to biomolecule tannins. The menstrual cycle can be lead to order thanks to the following herbs that we recommend to you, herbs which are rich in amines and alkaloids, and rinsing plants that containing tannin, mucus and essential oils.

6 Amazing Herbs For Women's Pain

  • Alchemilla

This herb helps in almost all sickness and suffering from irregular periods, white discharge, lowered uterus and ovarian injury. The herb strengthens the walls of the uterus, and in addition to protecting against premature birth, and facilitates childbirth, and relieves symptoms of climax.

It is recommended to drink tea from this herb at least once a day starting from the third month of pregnancy.

  • Hypericum perforatum, also known as St John’s wort

If you need to save the vaginal flora, it is recommended to rinse it with the tea wort. Preparation of this tea is 200 grams of boiling water and 1 teaspoon of tea. It should be covered for 10 minutes. Irrigator is needed to fill with fluid, and then place it in the vagina and to squeeze the liquid.

Tip: good medicine for all sickness is St John’s wort

6 Amazing Herbs For Women's Pain

White horehound

This herb has long been used to treat infertility. Normalize the secretion of hormones and hormonal balancing cycle, which is a prerequisite for proper pregnancy. The tea is prepared in such a way that two tablespoons of this herb spill with 2 ½ deciliters boiling water, and it is estimated after 3-5 minutes. I recommend three to five cups a day.


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