50 Recipes For Detoxification Of The Body: Soothe Health Difficulties

Natural juices made of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, celery, cranberries, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, will help solve the problem of excess weight, high blood pressure, constipation…

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If you read the composition of various miraculous drinks you will find well-known ingredients, such as garlic, grapefruit, broccoli, tomato… But if you prepare yourself juices and beverages, you will get more nutrients, and the preparation itself will be cheaper.

Ordinary lemonade can help you in the fight against flu and colds, while orange and grapefruit juices are very useful and easy to prepare, pomegranate juice is recommended against obesity, heart disease and stroke and to improve sex life. It can be prepared same as oranges if you halved the pomegranate and squeeze it as if it was an orange. For the preparation of delicious vegetable juices you need a little more work and experimentation.

Very simple drink to detoxify and cleanse the organism from holiday overeating of fatty foods is the drink that is prepared from 750 ml. of cucumber juice and 250 ml. of lemon juice. You can mix vegetable juices with yogurt. You can convert every juice into super-beverage if you add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Juices against hangover

If you want to soothe hangover, once you wake up you should immediately drink a glass of grape, orange or tomato juice. Fruit juice contains simple sugars, fructose, which accelerates metabolism, thus helping to faster discharge alcohol.

Mixture against cold

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Besides lemonade with honey, a mixture made of 4 tomatoes, half a cucumber, half a green pepper, 2 stalks of celery and one clove of garlic can also help you against cold.

Lemonade for weight loss

In order to detoxify the organism you need to make lemonade from freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with 300 ml. of water. Into the mixture you have to add a pinch of cinnamon, pinch of pungent pepper and a tablespoon of honey.

Red grapefruit reduces cholesterol

Red grapefruit is extremely good for reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides level. However grapefruit should not be combined with medicaments for lowering cholesterol. You must consult a doctor before consuming it combined.


The ancient Romans used it for strengthening the male potency. It is especially recommended for people who eat a lot of sweets and foods rich in starch as well as for smokers.


Apple juice is an excellent for good better concentration and memory. Freshly prepared apple juice is the best.


It is rich in antioxidants that protect against many diseases. Strengthens the vision and it is recommended for people who see poorly in the dark.


Contain antioxidant, lycopene, which slows aging process, protects against UV rays and is preventive effect against cancer.


Beet juice is great for creating blood cells and cleanses the liver. Half an hour after drinking beetroot juice the increased blood pressure will be decreased.

Wheat grass

Young wheat grass that must not be chemically treated is excellent for cleansing and strengthening the body.

Fruits and vegetables

You should consume five servings of fruits and vegetables every day for maintaining good health, recommended nutritionists. Of course you need to choose healthy foods and chemically untreated. However the treatment and alleviation of certain diseases is better affected by certain types of fruit than others. Cranberry is unrivaled in preventing inflammation of the urinary tract, and cabbage juice is considered to be good against inflammatory bowel disease.

Vegetable juices alleviate stomach acid, supplying the body with necessary minerals. For better flavor you can add a little salt or pepper. It is best to drink these juices on an empty stomach or twenty minutes before meals. If you are not accustomed to juices, you can start with one glass a day. It is best to start with modest juices such as apple juice or carrot, and after a few days you can switch to juices with more intense combos and drink more. It is thought that two to three cups of juice during the day are a good supplement, but more than that is too much, unless you want to lose weight.


In order to relieve the symptoms of asthma you should eat a clove of garlic and drink freshly prepared apple juice and grapefruit every day. You can also improve your health condition with juice made of 3 carrots and 7 spinach leaves or 6 lettuce leaves and 1 stalk of celery.


It is good to drink juice rich in iron. Mix fresh watercress, beets and 4 carrots. Raspberry juice can also help you against such health problems.


Put 100 grams of lettuce and 100 grams of peeled beets in a juicer. Drink the resulting juice before going to bed and it will help you fall asleep easier.


Besides the regular prescribed therapy it is recommended juices that have low carbohydrates value. Prepare juice made of carrot, apple, 4 lettuce leaves, 3/4 cup of mixed green beans and 4 pieces of Brussels sprouts.


In order to encourage expectoration you have to prepare juice made of 3 pungent radishes, 2 lemons, 2 cloves of garlic, white beet and 350 ml. of water. This juice has a slightly unpleasant taste, but it has the ability to facilitate the dilution of mucus in the lungs and cough. It is advisable to go out in the fresh air more often.

Stomach ulcer

Juices that are good sources of vitamin B and C and beta carotene are great mean against stomach ulcer. Put ½ a tomato, 2 stalks of celery and ¼ of a cabbage in a juicer and mix well.


You can prevent headaches with increased intake of fruits and vegetables. Prepare juice made of 4 carrots, 2 stalks of celery or 3 carrots, beets and cucumber.


The liver that has been overloaded with alcohol and fatty foods can be balanced back to good health with juice made of 2 carrots, beets and cucumber. You should also try consuming juice made of 2 carrots, half an apple and a little celery. You can add a little yeast.


Besides lemonade in combination with honey, flu can be cured with elderberry tea or juice made of celery slice, 2 carrots, apple and orange.

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