5 Ways to Kill Mold Naturally Without Chemicals

Mold can grow in dark, damp areas and be hard to get rid of, but there are five ways to kill mold naturally without chemicals. This is welcome news for those who prefer to avoid chemicals and store-bought cleaners.

Using the following methods require varying degrees of effort and have different levels of odor to associate with the cleaning method of choice. Consider carefully before applying vinegar or tea tree oil, in particular.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural method carries the biggest price tag and also has a strong scent. The smell of tea tree oil takes a few days to go away completely, so be sure you can tolerate that in your home before employing this method. Use two teaspoons of the oil mixed with two cups of water. Spray on the area where the mold spores are and leave it to dry.


While the cleaning option most associated with a strong scent, the use of vinegar to kill mold is very effective. Simply use in a spray bottle, apply to the area where mold is growing and allow to sit for up to four hours. Then, use a brush to scrub away the mold. For those who are too bothered by the smell of vinegar, try adding a few drops of an essential oil to fight the vinegar odor. The use of white vinegar has been proven to kill over 4/5 of mold spores. It also kills viruses and bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix three percent hydrogen peroxide with water. Use as a spray, applying to any surface with mold and allowing to sit for 10 minutes. The mold can then be scrubbed off using a clean and damp washcloth. Mixing this with vinegar gives you a double-impact cleaner. Make sure to store this mixture away from light, as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down when exposed to light.

Citrus Seed Extract

Using an extract like grapefruit gives you the effect of vinegar or tea tree oil without the accompanying smell. Mix 20 drops of extract with two cups of water, use as a spray and apply to mold. Do not rinse the solution off, as that will negate the effects.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be mixed with vinegar and water or used alone. Dissolve into water and spray onto surface or mix with vinegar and water solution. Apply to area where mold is growing, allow to work for a few minutes. Then rub off with damp washcloth. This option also has minimal scent associated with it.

Using these natural answers to mold can have your house clean with a little effort to mix the solution, apply and rub off (if necessary). This is a welcome alternative to the strong smell of chemicals in commercial cleaners and also to the multiple chemicals present in those cleaners that are left behind when you clean a surface. Stick to the more natural methods of cleaning and always be confident of the safety of the surfaces in your home.

Source: www.mnn.com


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